We apply the wisdom gained from the greats, like George Eastman and Tom Golisano, who showed what great teams can do. They captured the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. That spirit can be conveyed by understanding the core attributes of Vision, Risk, Passion, Strategy and People Sense.

Yes, we assemble these in a process that inspires the team to pull for the achievement of the company goal and for each other. We all want to learn how to release that residual entrepreneurial piece in each of us when see that improving ourselves improves everyone. Success is everyone’s job. Our joy is to see it become real. We know we’re not alone.

About Bob Lewis


I bring over 40 years of entrepreneurial business experience gained from owning and operating a number of businesses. The most extensive is a franchised staffing business, Manpower Staffing, for over 30 years and later a franchise brokerage business, along with a coaching business. 

These enterprises enabled me to understand the deep entrepreneurial assets residing in each person waiting to be developed in the right environment. That’s my unique perspective, the capacity to engage the workforce to see what’s needed to think and act like an owner to achieve the greater good for the business.


Entrepreneur Central is the distillation of these valuable experiences into a consultative and coaching platform from which to help others develop their businesses into coherent and effective achieving enterprises. My goal is to help others optimize their investment and achieve their dreams.